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#30DaysProject, Day 5

A poem:

*I meditated on your death today*

First, it was very slow.

Nothing but brown.

A few sighs

Pain drained

along with moisture.

Pigments dissipated.

Goodbye, face!

Those birds on your arm

flew south,

guided by the pale moon.

Horses in Oaxaca.

Your eyes, flew north

chasing lights within lights.

Aurora Borealis.

You grew wings.

Not much later,

a yellow beetle

perched on a tea leaf.

A field in Yunnan.

Your hair, leaves;

Your arms, trunks;

Your teeth, unexpected hails;

Your tattoos, bedtime stories.

The remaining parts,

such as your smile,

that gentle way you look at me,

those bitter and fragrant memories --

they grew roots,

hoping to see Spring again.


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