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To stay connected to the outside world, including my students, friends, and larger community, I am offering online lessons and consultation sessions starting Monday, March 23, 2020. I have an efficient and inspiring set up here in my home studio, and would love to invite you to join this journey in music-making, self-discovery, and emotional exploration. 

Things I share with my students:

- singing (early music, classical, musical theater, contemporary)

- musicianship skills (sight-reading, theory, aural)

- compositions

- musician psychology 

- improvisation and devising 

- expressive and therapeutic movement

- collaborative work

- entrepreneurial and practical skills for artists

- general music-appreciation

- holistic communication and therapeutic music-making

- artistic planning 

Benefits of spending time with me:

- improved mental clarity

- learning new skills and ideas 

- inspired music-making 

- moving way from fear, moving toward authenticity and courage 

- expand your repertory 

- improved physical and emotional awareness 

- have a chance to talk and be safe

- breaking up a long day of working from home with rainbows and sunshines! 

Who are you?

As long as you are willing to learn and be vulnerable, you can be of any level and any backgrounds. I am able and experienced in teaching students who are 100% beginners to touring professional musicians. 


Currently, because of COVID, I am taking a sliding scale for sessions so that more people can join us. All of my sessions are 45 minutes - 70 minutes, depending on how it flows, and when we both feel like it is a good place to stop. You can choose to pay me $35/$55/$75, depending on what you can afford. My regular fee is $65-$85 per session.

To sign up or to ask more questions:

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