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I have been teaching singing, mindfulness, and ensemble music to a diverse group of students for the last 15 years. I draw inspiration and experience from being a touring professional singer, composer, producer, and director, and give private lessons, masterclasses, and workshops in collegiate, K-12, and community settings. I have also had extensive experience teaching at the college and graduate level. My students are 18-75 years old, and want many different things from their time with me; some does it to get into elite conservatories, some for stress relief, some for professional mentorship, some to rekindle their joy of singing for the first time since childhood. ALL are welcomed and loved. I primarily teach from my studio in Milwaukie, OR, but does occasionally accept online students. 


At the core of my teaching philosophy lies a dual commitment: to forge genuine connections and to celebrate the intricate dance between foundational mastery and creative exploration. Envision a studio space where the air is thick with stories, emotions, and the palpable buzz of collaborative creation, all flowing through the diverse channels of music, theater, movement, and prose. Here, we weave a complex web of empathy and artistry, yet always anchor our journey in the disciplined pursuit of the essential skills that underpin exceptional singing. I champion the idea that a deep understanding and respect for the basics—techniques, breath control, vocal health, language diction, body awareness, emotional connection, and musical theory—are not just stepping stones, but the very soil from which our unique artistic expressions grow.

In this space, success is multifaceted. Emphasizing the fundamentals does not constrain our creativity; rather, it frees us. It offers us a language to articulate the inarticulate so that we can traverse the vast landscapes of human emotion and experience with music. As we navigate this intricate balance, I stand not just as an instructor, but as a fellow traveler eager to discover the boundless possibilities that emerge from disciplined practice and open-hearted exploration.


Things I can offer/share with my students:

- singing (early music, classical, musical theater, contemporary)

- musicianship skills (sight-reading, theory, aural)

- body awareness

- emotional connection and exploration

- cultural knowledge

- mindfulness 

- compositional ideas and skills

- musician psychology / anxiety management

- improvisation and devising 

- expressive and therapeutic movement

- collaborative work

- entrepreneurial and practical skills for artists

- general music-appreciation

- holistic communication and therapeutic music-making

- artistic and life planning 

Benefits of spending time with me:

- improved mental and physical clarity

- learning new skills and ideas 

- inspired music-making 

- moving way from fear, moving toward authenticity and courage 

- expand your repertory 

- improved physical and emotional awareness 

- have a chance to talk and be safe


$70-$120/hour, depending on various factors. Please email to inquire. ​

To sign up or to ask more questions:

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