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Since 2012, I have been creating new works through the "Lau Method" with The Broken Consort, a nationally-known professional chamber ensemble with a special focus in championing the ethos and process of collaborative music-making. Since 2019, I have brought the method to various ensembles and educational institutions to infuse new commissions with the energy and joy of collaborative music-making and empathy-building. 


Since its inception in 2010, the project ensemble has released two commercial albums, music videos, and thirteen original programs, with more projects in development. With members hailing from across the country and sometimes internationally, The Broken Consort is the resident professional ensemble of Big Mouth Society (Portland, OR), a non-profit organization I co-founded in 2017 to help reinvigorate the standard practice and presentation of community arts.


While developing new works, I usually provide the basic container of the work and supporting materials (score, text, etc.). Ample time is dedicated to explore the physical, mental, and practical aspects of the developing work. The process allows the work to be fluid and often surprise even its creators. Artists from various backgrounds (musicians, actors, fine artists, VFX artists, poets) find new mediums, techniques, ideas, connections, and ultimately forge completely new ground by following this method. The artistic work borne out of this process bears the mark of everyone who has delighted in its making. Each collaborator shares a sense of ownership in the work. The development of this process helps me reconcile my classically-created spaces, my criticism of the internal culture of many of these spaces, my collection of esoteric wisdom and knowledge, and my interest and talent in creating more spaces that reflect my values and interest.

I am most keen to share what I have learned with students, teachers, and creators alike. For universities, high schools, and community ensembles, I work intensively with their constituents in the format of "Embodied Creativity & Collaboration Workshop", a 3-5 hour process. 

Read more about these workshops here.

You can read about our devising agreement and creative process (circa.2020) here.


Sirens, Interrupted (2018): a theatrical-musical narrative of disobedient women over a 800-year span, including several world and regional premieres.

TBC Women.jpg

Rainbow Soiree (2017): World premiere of my works The Glorious Cuntata & Radical Softness

2017 2017 Broken Consort Sunday-12.jpg

Made in America (2016): the concert-length performance answer to "what is American music anyway?"


The American Promise (2020): a multi-media concert performance narrating promises made and broken in the USA since 1650.

isle of majesty cover.png

Isle of Majesty (2020): an album of music and poetry 


Isle of Lucidity (2013): an album 

of music and poetry

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