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the way my heart sings
 a.k.a my artist statement:

  • I create art through people and relationship-making. I tell human stories by first loving and honoring the storytellers. My medium(s) are music, theater, movement, and words. My tool(s) are virtuosity, improvisation, empathy, and communication.

  • My art is an embodiment of my life experiences and thought process. There is no separation between my public and private personas. It follows my curiosity, delights, and suffering, and the curiosity, delights, and suffering of the people I create with. 


  • The chosen medium and the tools of any given project are informed by the nature of the people and relationships, and not the other way round. The aesthetics of my projects at any given time is a memento of the people and relationships involved in the making of that project. Since input varies, results vary. No two projects are the same. 


  • I try to not judge the value of my work or myself based on aesthetics, financial success, or popularity. I measure it by the quality of the relationships built and how well the process serves my artistic ideal.


  • My artistic ideal is that the process of making the art, and the presentation of the art, should resemble the ethos of the art. My prime objective is to create an intersectional, curious, gentle, and authentic space as we create new art and explore new territories. 


  • The subject matter of my art also serves my artistic ideal. The subject matters must be intersectional, curious, gentle, and authentic. 

  • The ethos of my art must be rhetorical but not explicit. My work must not offer answers or concrete resolutions to questions posted, but rather acts as a bridge to further inquiry and discussion. 


  • There is one human culture with many expressions, and its exploration, enjoyment, sharing, and expansion of this human treasure is my life’s work. Therefore, I have to be a good shepherd and a good teacher. I am committed to do the hard work to continuously be more courageous, vulnerable, generous, kind, and gentle. 

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