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Sirens, Interrupted! is a program created and devised by Emily Lau and The Broken Consort in March 2018. The project traces the stories of three groups of disobedient women across western musical history. Musical styles in the program range from virtuosic rendition of medieval polyphony gathered from manuscripts in Iberian Peninsula, to complex and emotional Italian music in the 17th century, finally to modern day north America, where social activism, innovation, new soundscapes, and contemporary words weave an expressive web that tells the story of our time. The project offered our audience a few regional premieres and a world premiere based on the personal story and text by Maggie Finnegan, "Reassembled with Care". The emotional journey we took, blurring the line between concert music and theater, was well-received by our Portland audience.


Sirens, Interrupted! was presented by Big Mouth Society, with shows at NW Dance Project, and The Hallowed Halls. The program also appeared live on Thursdays @ 4 of the All Classical Portland radio station. 

Reassembled with Care is set to have its official full-length debut in 2020. 

Maggie Finnegan, voice and librettist

Julie Bosworth, voice

Niccolo Seligmann, viola da gamba 

Jessica Schaeffer, harp and voice 

Les Green, narrator 

Benji Smith, lighting designer

Emily Lau, voice, composer, and artistic director 

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