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Made in America is the logical sequel to our 2016 work, The American Promise. Conceived at the precarious moment when the COVID-19 epidemic started, the work was presented by Big Mouth Society in front of a small live audience in Portland, OR and also live-streamed on then internet. 


What did George Washington hope for when he signed the founding documents? What did migrants from all around the world seek in this “promised land”? Promises are worth crossing the Rio Grande for, but they are also so fragile and breakable. The Broken Consort told a personal story using written music, oral traditions, iconography, newspaper articles, books, documents from the Library of Congress, and created this program collaboratively using the Lau Method.

Performing Artists:

Niccolo Seligmann, Peter Lim, Julie Bosworth, Emily Lau

Engineering Aritsts:

Benji Smith, Nick Hogle, Adam Lansky

Here is the link to the live-stream.

TBC_AmericanPromise22 2.JPG
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