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New Vintage: A Medieval Feast for the Senses is a project I developed with my colleagues and students at the Big Mouth Society in Fall 2019. In this project, we explored virtuosic European polyphonic and monophonic repertoire and improvisation from 1200s-1500s.


By creating an immersive experience that bridges the gap between the old and the new, we bring this rarely performed repertoire to our Pacific Northwest community, and train a new generation of performers who will champion this inquisitive, collaborative, and holistic approach of music-making and concert presentation.

Artists: Emily Lau (director), Ben Neubauer, Jen Milius, JC Smith, Aage Nielsen

New Vintage light edits-5.jpg
New Vintage second round-7.jpg
New Vintage second round-11.jpg
New Vintage light edits-3.jpg
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