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To continue making music with students, friends, and the larger community, I am offering online holistic music lessons/coaching/meeting starting Monday, March 23, 2020.

I am set up to teach students (beginners to professional) with PC/MAC with decent internet connection.

Areas include:

- classical singing 

- early music performance practice

- contemporary music performance practice

- broadway tunes / American songbook

- musicianship skills

- composition / theory / ear-training 

- chamber music coaching

- diction

- expressive/therapeutic movement 

- Chinese language 

- performance and emotional intelligence 

- artistic planning and collaboration

Benefits of taking music lessons with me:

- improved emotional and physical connection

- improved mental clarity

- improved physical awareness and fluency 

- improved technical skills

- gain insights into a creative mindset 

- become better musicians / collaborators

- improved technical abilities 

- learning new repertoire and languages 


$35/half hour 

$65/one hour 

Online learning is currently pretty easy, and you can do it! 

Please email me at to see up a spot. 

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